General Insurance Information

General Liability

The General Liability policy provides important liability coverage for the state association and its member association, leagues, clubs, teams, directors, officers, officials, coaches, players, and volunteers for operations sanctioned and approved by the state association.

Accident Participant Medical

The Accident Participant Medical policy provides supplemental accident medical insurance for all registered team players, coaches, managers, referees, officials, and volunteers while participating in sanctioned and approved activities of the state soccer association. Coverage is provided on a secondary / excess basis over any other insurance available to the claimant.

Coverage Outlines

The General Liability and Accident Participant Medical coverage outlines for each state association are below. Please select the appropriate state soccer association to view the coverage outlines.



Note: Coverage outlines are for informational purposes only. Only the wording of the actual policies constitutes an agreement between the insured and the insurance company. Please contact Pullen Insurance Services with any specific questions regarding the insurance program for your state soccer association.