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Smaller organizations with limited coverage needs can quote and purchase coverage online immediately by clicking here.

Larger organizations requiring a customized quote or organizations with more complex coverage needs, please use the below web form to submit the underwriting information to us.

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Please provide the estimated annual number of campers for each anticipated session.

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Underwriting Information

1. Was your organization founded more than 3 years ago
2. Does the organization require a Waiver / Release forms from all participants?
3. Does the organization have and enforce written standards regarding Sexual Abuse and Molestation?
4. Does the organization conduct criminal background checks on all coaches and staff members?
5. If yes to questions 3 & 4, are you interested in coverage for claims regarding Sexual Abuse / Molestation?
6. What liability limits for Sexual Abuse do you want quoted?

Claims History

Is there prior insurance coverage?
Has the organization had any general liability or sexual abuse claims within the last 3 years?

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